Silica Control Measures

29 Sep

With the new Silica Standard already in place as of September 23rd, Shamrock as a company needs to give our 100% effort to ensure we are compliant with the stricter regulations. The new standard was put in place for the health and wellbeing of all workers that come into any sort of contact with silica dust. You may not feel it affect you in the immediate future, but down the road any silica dust you inhale just sits in your lungs getting bigger and bigger. We have HEPA vacuum attachments and if you do not have at least one on your jobsite please contact the office ASAP. The vacuum will suck the particles up as they become airborne, but be sure to monitor the vacuum as it does not work as effectively with a full compartment or a bad filter. Another method is to spray water in the area where cutting or drilling is occurring. The water will adhere to the particles and will keep it from floating in the air. Face Masks do not do enough to properly protect you from silica dust. Just using a face mask will only attempt to protect yourself. The vacuum and the water method take care of the silica risk for the work area, including the other electricians and tradesmen around you.  Flipping the situation, if you’re working and someone else nearby is causing a dust storm of any kind with no control measures in place, stop working, clear the area and report to the GC so the proper safety controls can be implemented.