Incident-free performance is our first responsibility

Highest safety standards are the top priority for employees and management

The safety of our workers and our worksites is the responsibility of all Shamrock Electric employees – starting at the top. From our CEO to our apprentices, each employee has earned their safety certifications and is dedicated to keeping each other safe.

Safety-first responsibility distinguishes us from the industry

For our employees, our clients, and our business, safety is our first priority and responsibility. Our safety code stands on three pillars:

  • Moral Responsibility – Every employee has the right to a safe work environment.
  • Fiduciary Responsibility — We owe our customer an incident free performance.
  • Financial Responsibility — We are self insured, which means we put our money where our mouth is and create an environment where incidents cost the company more than lost productivity.

Employee training and certifications ensure we are current
on all electrical codes

Safety in the field begins with educated electricians. Mandatory certifications and voluntary training enrich our safety program for each employee.

Employee commitment to safety

  • Each employee has earned their OSHA 10 hour or 30 hour card
  • 95% attendance rates for voluntary safety classes
  • Warehouse employees are all OSHA fork-lift trained.
  • Our office personnel have been trained in muscular/skeletal disorders (carpal tunnel).
  • Drivers tested routinely on driving safety and meet safe-driving standards
  • Weekly “Tool Box Talks” and daily huddles are conducted to discuss current exposures on every jobsite

Safety inspections from outside consultants, our insurance agency,
and our industry experts

Jobs are inspected at least once a quarter and rated on a scale of 1 to 100. We consider it to be a failure to receive any score lower than 100.

We also have safety inspections conducted by our insurance company and by our President, Frank Amabile; our Safety Director, Ian Dela Cruz; and our Chief Executive Officer, Kevin O’Shea.

Specialists advise on new challenges

When we are faced with a new situation about doing a job safely, we bring in our outside consultants, confer with our insurance company’s risk-management department, or consult with the Chicagoland Construction Safety Council.

The owners of the company will not put a person in any situation they wouldn’t feel safe putting themselves in first.