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11 Aug

Ask someone to recite the months of the year in order from January to December; they can probably blow through it in six seconds.  Ask someone to recite the months of the year alphabetically and you will get slower responses.  People will take their time and think it through and make sure they get it […]

Material Handling

07 Aug

  Workers can be injured by falling objects, improperly stacked materials, or by various types of equipment.  When manually moving materials workers should be aware of potential injuries, including the following: ” Strains and sprains from improperly lifting or from carrying loads that are either too large or too heavy ” Fractures and bruises caused by being […]

Power Source

24 Jul

As per our Lockout/Tagout Procedure, when working on equipment make sure you disconnect the power source to that equipment.  This extends to tools.  When replacing a blade on your saw or for any piece of equipment that you use you should remove the battery or unplug it; make sure to disconnect it from any type […]

Unknown Substances

18 Jul

Safety Message for the Week – 07/17/17 – Unknown Substances Always be aware of what you know and what others around you don’t know. For example; a worker consumed what he thought was water from what he thought was his water bottle, but it ended up being an alcohol based solution. Someone had poured a […]

OSHA Top 10

24 Jun

OSHA’s Top 10 most cited violations change very little year to year, but the statistics they give always give a nice insight to what is happening in the industry and how OSHA conducts itself. Fall Protection Hazard Communication Scaffolding Respiratory Protection Lockout/Tagout Powered Industrial Trucks Ladders Machine Guarding Electrical-Wiring Methods Electrical-General Requirements Please keep these […]

Tool Belt Safety

22 May

The tool belt is the mark of a tradesman; a hard-working person who knows how to get the job done. Using a tool belt correctly will help ensure your safety while you work. As an active worker you need to have your tools handy when you need them. Using a tool belt aids you so […]

Protect Your Feet

12 May

The average person takes approximately 6,000 steps daily – there is the possibility of a foot injury with every step. Construction jobs can be hazardous to your feet–nail punctures, stress fractures, crushed toes – any of these injuries to your feet will limit your mobility.  Foot fatigue can develop from prolonged standing on ladders, walking […]


08 May

Most people need 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day to “function”. Even small sleep loss built up slowly over several nights can be just as harmful as major sleep loss in one night. Lack of sleep produces a decline in performance with slower reaction times, impaired judgements and the inability to concentrate. A […]

Means of Egress

21 Apr

Whether you have been working on the same project for a while or recently started on a new project you need to have a plan should an emergency occur for how to exit the building or site in a quick and safe fashion. This includes more than simply knowing where the nearest exit is. You […]

Multi-Employer Worksites

07 Apr

The majority of our jobsites are Multi-Employer Worksites, which means aside from us, there are carpenters, plumbers, etc. on the job working alongside you. The one thing to keep in mind is that while you may have a handle on the safety regarding our work, you need to watch out for the ENTIRE project. There […]